Great Places To Go On A First Date In The Summertime

Summer has always been one of the best season in the dating world, and with the weather being so nice it’s pretty easy to impress on a first date. So easy in fact that you may have a million ideas running in your head and you’re not quite sure what the right one may be. Almost everyone gets nervous on the first date which is why the number one place to take your date during the warmer months is somewhere active. Forget the classic dinner and a movie, that’s for the colder months. Now it’s time to step outside and impress your date with these summer choices!

Picnic In The Park ( Pop out the wine and some delicious fruit and sandwich’s for the perfect first date)

Move In The Park ( Many places show movies during the summer season, so check your local park district for times and showings.)

Paint Balling ( Fun and active and sure to get your date’s heart rate up)

Go Kart Racing ( Perfect for bringing out the inner kid in both of you)

Walk On The Beach ( So cliche yet so romantic) .

A Classic Game of Tennis ( Go to a tennis yard or country club, the loser offers up a kiss at the end of the date)

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Why Men Prefer Women Who Wear Dresses On The First Date

If you’re a woman and you’re looking for something to wear on your first date with the someone whom you’ve been eying the choice is simple, always wear a dress. Unless of course he’s taking you horseback riding or on a adventurous type of date. One should always opt for a dress.

The reason why men love to see women in a dress on the first date is because dresses are a simple status meaning womanly. Dresses help women to appear more feminine, show off your curves, and makes the date a tad bit more officially. Dresses have a way of showing off a woman’s body in a way that men naturally embrace. They’ll be much more drawn to a women wearing a feminine dress, then a girl wearing jeans and a top.
Stay away from office wear and meeting type of wardrobes. It’s best to go with dresses that are light and airy with prints or patterns. Also try skirts with a rounded neckline for a classic feel.

To make his heart race even more try wearing a red dress for some extra sparkle. Red is also a color that men are naturally drawn too and can immediately make almost any women look sexier, but you also have to be careful. Make sure that you don’t cross the line from being Mrs.Right, to Ms. Right Now. Even though red is a great color to wear on the first date be sure to keep your dress classy. Only show off a small amount of your legs and a small section of your neckline. Most importantly always choose items that you feel comfortable in, after all if you don’t feel comfortable neither will your date. 

Meet awesome people to date from all over the world. Text +254729655251. Telegram

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