Valentines Day Date Ideas

Great date ideas for you and your lover to do on Valentines Day. Want something that will really get the heart pumping? And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?! Try a parachute jump. Singly or as a couple, you can take a one to two hour drive and be right at the airport. They teach you all you need to know. Depending on the kind of jump, instruction may be a few hours or only an hour. Then it’s up into the sky – and very quickly back down again. That’s the kind of gift that is remembered long after the chocolates are gone.

A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be an object. Though they’re always welcome. It can just as well be a great new experience. When the experience is shared it’s even better.

Hot air balloon rides, for example, are a popular idea. They combine all the excitement of lighter than air travel with color, drama and shared joy. Within an hour or so of many large population areas there are businesses that will offer a half-hour or hour long ride, sometimes longer.

Participants get a very short talk about safety, then the trip begins. A sunny day with puffy clouds provides the perfect opportunity to see nearby mountains, forests and the city in the distance. In some areas that trip can be wintery cold. But in many it will just be the normal cool associated with being high over the Earth.

A car rental is another good idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, rather than something to have. What? How boring is that? No, no. Not just any car rental… a very special car.

Take your pick. It could be a Ferrari, if you have a place to stretch it out. Or, it could be an elegant Bentley Azure. Sure, they’re pricey, even by the day. But a Valentine’s Day gift like this is going to be remembered for a long time.

Cruise down the highway, or slide through town. Drive up to pick up your Valentine’s Day date in a beautiful automobile and you’ll start it off on a high note that only gets better.

Speaking of cruises…. Need something longer, bigger? Go for a ship cruise.

For those who have the time and funds, there are a thousand two-week to month-long (or more) cruises to choose from. From New York to the south of France is a popular route. If you’re already in Europe, try one of the Scandinavian trips, weather permitting.

But, it could be just a day long excursion from San Francisco to San Diego or Cabo. It could be a gentle glide from Boston to Miami. Or, you could take a 4-day cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean. After all, just because Valentine’s Day only lasts 24 hours, there’s no law that says the gift must be limited to that.

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First Date Makeup Tips and Ideas

Deciding what first date makeup one should wear can be a hard choice to make. What colors should you wear, what feature should you play up and we all know that when it comes to makeup there are so many choices and infant possibilities of looks you can create. So which one is perfect for a first date? 

Truth be told many man love for women to wear natural makeup looks. While some men love a women who wears a face full of makeup many men love to see the natural beauty of a women coming through, not a face full of makeup. So what does that mean for makeup lovers, the answer is simple on the first date always choice neutral colors and shades to enhance your natural beauty. After all if he is Mr. Right you can bring out other makeup looks in the future. The key features to enhance on your first date are your eyes, choose browns that sparkle to apply on your lid for a sexy sultry first date eye. Another key feature is the lips, soft pink colors with soft peachy cheeks are the perfect combo. By playing up your lips he’ll want to kiss you all night. Opt for soft lipgloss instead of lipstick. Look below for video tutorials on first date makeup ideas tips, and rules to live by.

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First Date Outfits Ideas and Tips

Deciding on what to wear on your first date? Choosing an outfit for the first date can be pretty hard. You have to find the middle of looking classy, and slutty and that happy middle is simply being subtly seductive. For the first date always keep things simple, you can wear a dress, a blouse with jeans and heels. Just make sure that whatever you choose to wear for the first date that your date can focus on you, and not your outfit.

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Why One Should Never Date An Ex Mate

I’ve often struggled with this question quite a bit myself, and every now and then I’ll even give an ex another chance. Every time that I have done so however, it’s always ends the same way. You should NEVER REDATE YOUR EX. Why you maybe be wondering, well the answer is simple. 9 times out of 10 the reason why that person is your ex is for a very good reason, and chances are that very same reason WILL ALWAYS COME BACK UP AGAIN. Now there is a very slim chance that the person may have changed and you can start off with a fresh relationship, but it’s not very common.

The truth is most people don’t change and when it comes to relationships what your ex used to do is probably something they will always do. So if by chance you are thinking about giving your ex another chance think about the consequences before doing so. That person remains your ex for a REASON! 

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Do Guys Still Give Girls Flowers On The First Date?

I was talking to my friend the other day when she told me she went out with a guy who brought flowers to her door. Now I’m pretty old school and this surprised me. Even though I’ve been on quite a few dates I’ve never had a guy bring me flowers. It’s one of those questers that are super sweet and If he brings you flowers you can only imagine what type of guy he’ll be in the future. Giving flowers to someone shows that you’re a giving person,  and if you’re getting them on the first date well then you must be doing something right. I say more guys should bring girls flowers on the date because truth be told we still love this small gesture and after all bringing flowers to someone door makes a great first  impressions, and first impressions are everything on the first date. 

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How To Let Someone Know You’re Not Interested in Them

We’ve all been there before someone is really into you and you’re just not feeling the same. So what do you do to let them down gently so that you’re not hurting their feelings. I might be giving you bad advice here but I’ve found that the best way to let someone know you’re not into them is by ignoring them. We’re talking not replying to texts, phone calls, etc. This lets them know you’re simply not into them. Of course this method only works if you’ve been talking to this person for a short period of time. If you’ve been with this person for a while ignoring their calls is not gonna work. People that you’ve been with for a while always want closure and you need to tell them in person that things are not working out.

Now if it’s a friend or someone that’s trying to turn things into something more I would suggest simply telling them you like them as just a friend. It’s better to be honest with someone then to lead them on. 

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Great Places To Go On A First Date In The Summertime

Summer has always been one of the best season in the dating world, and with the weather being so nice it’s pretty easy to impress on a first date. So easy in fact that you may have a million ideas running in your head and you’re not quite sure what the right one may be. Almost everyone gets nervous on the first date which is why the number one place to take your date during the warmer months is somewhere active. Forget the classic dinner and a movie, that’s for the colder months. Now it’s time to step outside and impress your date with these summer choices!

Picnic In The Park ( Pop out the wine and some delicious fruit and sandwich’s for the perfect first date)

Move In The Park ( Many places show movies during the summer season, so check your local park district for times and showings.)

Paint Balling ( Fun and active and sure to get your date’s heart rate up)

Go Kart Racing ( Perfect for bringing out the inner kid in both of you)

Walk On The Beach ( So cliche yet so romantic) .

A Classic Game of Tennis ( Go to a tennis yard or country club, the loser offers up a kiss at the end of the date)

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Why Men Prefer Women Who Wear Dresses On The First Date

If you’re a woman and you’re looking for something to wear on your first date with the someone whom you’ve been eying the choice is simple, always wear a dress. Unless of course he’s taking you horseback riding or on a adventurous type of date. One should always opt for a dress.

The reason why men love to see women in a dress on the first date is because dresses are a simple status meaning womanly. Dresses help women to appear more feminine, show off your curves, and makes the date a tad bit more officially. Dresses have a way of showing off a woman’s body in a way that men naturally embrace. They’ll be much more drawn to a women wearing a feminine dress, then a girl wearing jeans and a top.
Stay away from office wear and meeting type of wardrobes. It’s best to go with dresses that are light and airy with prints or patterns. Also try skirts with a rounded neckline for a classic feel.

To make his heart race even more try wearing a red dress for some extra sparkle. Red is also a color that men are naturally drawn too and can immediately make almost any women look sexier, but you also have to be careful. Make sure that you don’t cross the line from being Mrs.Right, to Ms. Right Now. Even though red is a great color to wear on the first date be sure to keep your dress classy. Only show off a small amount of your legs and a small section of your neckline. Most importantly always choose items that you feel comfortable in, after all if you don’t feel comfortable neither will your date. 

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Best Tips For Online Dating Profile Photos

Best Tips For Online Dating Profile Photos. When it comes to online dating your profile pic can make or break your chances with someone. When you put up a online dating profile pic remember that your picture is going to be placed among thousands of other profile pictures. Meaning you have a second before someone either decides to give you a wink, or passes on to someone else. In the online dating world your pictures is your first impression.

Many people especially men seem to forget that factor, and if you just so happen to have a online dating profile and you aren’t getting many hits chances are it’s your pictures fault. So what are you doing wrong and how can you fix the problem? Look below for the best tips for taking online photos. Maybe it’s time for a new photo opt?

  • Always choose a photo that shows you smiling ( this helps people to see how friendly you are and everyone likes a friendly person. If you’re smiling you seem more approachable and easier to talk to).
  • Chose well lighted photos ( Nobody likes a dark picture where you can really see what the person looks like).
  • Choose a photos where others can clearly see your face ( Make sure your photos shows you full facial features so that others get a good idea of how you look in person)
  • Never use outdated pictures. ( Make sure that your photos clearly show what you look like currently)
  • Never use photos of you drinking with your friends or using a bong ( let’s face it most women are going to be turned off by these bad habits)
  • Stay away from cut out photos ( if you have a photo of you hanging out with your best friend crop the photo on your computer. Photos with scratch outs and cut off heads just don’t look attractive in the online dating world.

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