How To Let Someone Know You’re Not Interested in Them

Everyone has experienced a situation where someone truly likes them, but you don’t feel the same way. How then do you gently disappoint them without hurting their feelings? I may be giving you horrible advice, but I’ve discovered that ignoring someone is the best way to communicate your disinterest in them. We’re not talking about returning calls, texts, etc. This communicates to them your simple disinterest in them. Naturally, this approach is only effective if you have had a brief conversation with the other person. Ignoring their calls won’t work if you’ve been with them for a long. Long-term partners always want to end things amicably, so you have to break the news to them face-to-face if things aren’t working out.

I would advise just telling them you enjoy them as a friend if they’re a friend or if they’re attempting to make things more serious. Being truthful with someone is preferable to misleading them.

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