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I made the foolish mistake of being married to a wealthy man who satisfies all of my material needs, but he never makes me happy in bed. Perhaps because, when he travels, he is too preoccupied with his entourage of young girls. Rather than use my vibrator, I need someone to get me off. As you can see, the batteries are getting old. Someone who isn’t married, as I don’t need a vindictive wife to come after me. Physical attractiveness is required, but not necessarily GQ. Simply put, I’m looking for a man in his 30s who enjoys getting me off, having fun, and being discreet.

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  1. Indeed I feel my love is long gone and just looking for a lovable sugar mum to to wonderfully love, go places, hung-out and get back the lost love. I sincerely will cherish coz at my age i know what love is all about. Hook me up

  2. I need a mummy that will love me the way I am and promise to love her very much as she can love me too

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