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Annabel* is my name. If my identity and some of my personal information are kept hidden from the public here, I will feel much better. I’m looking for something incredibly intimate and confidential. In addition to managing a small business, I work as a teacher at a well-known secondary school. I feel like my life is going well right now, and I give thanks to God for that. Although I don’t have children of my own, I do assist my sister with hers whenever she visits the nation and I make time to visit her during my vacations.
I want someone who will value me as a lady and take me seriously. I need someone who can show me tenderness, affection, and love. I need a strong, attractive person. He ought to be someone who takes dating relationships very seriously. I don’t want to waste my time with a player.

*Name changed for privacy purposes

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  1. My name is Mary Anne and I am quite glad to be here. I am not sure what is appropriate to be said here and what isn’t so I will try to sound a little okay but whatever shouldn’t be said here can be removed please. I am a business woman and also own a bakery. I sell my stuff across the country. I do a lot of bakery too. My work is hard but I am doing okay. I get to meet so many people but I don’t see myself as someone who wants to go through the who marriage thing.
    I need someone who want to be in a relationship but not seeking marriage. I just want someone who wants to have that mutual understanding with me. I need someone who can really just be with me and make me happy. I need someone who is tall and handsome. He should be very cool and nice. I hate someone who is very violent. I need a man who will make me happy. He should always put my interest first and one of it is that I can be in a relationship but not be married to anyone. TIP: You must be a tiger in bed.

    1. Hey sweetie i am 24yr old somali man. I am with all off that sweet thing, hit my line. My whats app number and last but not least i am i can defenatly make you top out

  2. Hey sweetie i am 24yr old somali man. I am with all off that sweet thing, hit my line. My whats app number

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