Why women give bad advice to men

Similar things have been pointed out by others much earlier than me.

Never take a woman’s advice on women.

Because it appears to be innocent, making this error is simple. I mean, none of this seems blatantly wrong—listening, attending to her needs, being romantic, showing respect. However, as we’ve seen, you’ll quickly and severely get friend-zoned.

So, are women evil beings dispensing misguided counsel to destroy men? Not at all.

Put “from a man I am very attracted to” at the end of every piece of advice a woman gives you. The Social Pathologist is correct when they say that girls are drawn to a bad boy’s strength and authority. Negative aspects (lying, cheating, using) normally don’t attract a girl unless there’s a psychological problem. She is simply so attracted to him that she is ready to overlook it. She’s telling you how she wishes she was treated better by a horrible boy.

Remember that gorgeous ladies see no such thing as ugly men. Please take note that this is not a judgment. To borrow from Athol Kay, a woman’s primary goal in life is to bear children who will live and grow up; anything that appears to have less priority than that is not nearly as important. This is all advice that women would like to see more of from Alphas (Power) and Betas (Comfort), taking a cue from Athol Kay.

I just adore women who expect you to be a man for this additional reason. Some women are adamant about wanting a man, not a boy. Extremes can be reached with this (some ladies are truly pitiful, and no crap test will ever legitimize them, no matter how many times you pass). With rare exceptions, these women are incredibly lovely to be around and, because they don’t always oppose kind displays of power, they make it much simpler to be manly. I believe that all men share a deep desire to be liked by women, so reaping the benefits of a woman’s fulfillment of that desire is incredibly enjoyable.

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