Blind Dates Can Be Good, I Even Married Mine!

I’m not the type to accept a blind date. To be honest, I’ve turned down offers from people to set me up on blind dates. That’s why I was startled when I agreed to go on a blind date when a friend of mine told me she had just the right person for me. She, her boyfriend, me, and my blind date would be there.

Though I debated it multiple times, I agreed to meet the three of them at a nearby restaurant. I was rolling into the parking lot for my first-ever blind date before I even realized it. I was so nervous and sure that this guy wasn’t going to be my true love. My acquaintance was waiting for me when I walked into the lobby. She informed me that the males were waiting for a table in the bar, where they were already seated and enjoying drinks. She assured me once more that my blind date was ideal for me and that she was excited to meet me. I questioned her about her strong belief that he was the right man for me, given that every man I date is different from the last. I was unaware that I belonged to a specific type. She informed me that he was tall, black, and attractive and that we shared many interests. I let her lead me to the pub where my blind date and my fate awaited me, rolling my eyes. I was enthralled from the minute he got up to greet me. He gave me a gentle kiss on my palm as he said hello, and he was undoubtedly attractive to look at. He started talking small and bought me a drink right away. His good looks and the fact that we were going on a blind date amazed me.

He seemed to be quite passionate about life and spoke with intelligence. It took us a few moments to realize that our pals were indeed present. Before long, he was bringing my chair out for me as we were taking our seats. That was something I had never had done for me before. I figured he was just trying to make an impression on me. My pal gave me the “I told you so” smile as she kicked me beneath the table. I reddened. He held my interest and had me giggle uncontrollably during the entire lunch. To match his intelligence and excellent appearance, he also possessed a sense of humor. He had the kind of personality that would test me, I could tell. For me, that is a great bonus.

I realized at the end of the night that my blind date had gone quite well. Maybe he was my prince charming after all. It was three years before that. I now smile as I turn to face my spouse, who is seated next to me on the couch. Without a doubt, my blind date was ideal for me.

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