Best Tips For Online Dating Profile Photos

Top Advice for Pictures on Online Dating Profiles. Your profile picture can make or ruin your chances of finding someone online. Keep in mind that your profile photo will be displayed among thousands of others when you upload one for an online dating site. That is, you have a split second before someone decides to go on to someone else or decides to wink at you. Your photos create the initial impression when it comes to online dating.

A lot of individuals, males, in particular, seem to overlook this element. If you have an online dating profile and aren’t receiving many hits, it’s likely because of your photo. What then are you doing incorrectly, and how might the issue be resolved? See the top advice for taking images for the internet below. Perhaps it’s time for a fresh photo shoot?

  • Always choose a photo that shows you smiling ( this helps people to see how friendly you are and everyone likes a friendly person. If you’re smiling you seem more approachable and easier to talk to).
  • Choose well-lighted photos ( Nobody likes a dark picture where you can see what the person looks like).
  • Choose a photo where others can see your face ( Make sure your photos show your full facial features so that others get a good idea of how you look in person)
  • Never use outdated pictures. ( Make sure that your photos clearly show what you look like currently)
  • Never use photos of you drinking with your friends or using a bong ( let’s face it most women are going to be turned off by these bad habits)
  • Stay away from cut-out photos ( if you have a photo of you hanging out with your best friend crop the photo on your computer. Photos with scratch-outs and cut-off heads just don’t look attractive in the online dating world.

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