Hook up with Lorna – Sugar Mummy from Kisumu

Admin, My work keeps me extremely busy during weekdays. I don’t have much time to myself. I miss having a partner around to cuddle with. I feel lonely. Men are intimidated by me because of my wealth and prestige.

I’m a modest, sincere woman seeking a partner who can fulfill my erotic desires in exchange for me spending money on him. He must be a skilled partner in bed. As long as there is no drama, I am open to dating a man from anywhere in Kenya.

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Hook up with Abigail from Nyali, Mombasa, Kenya

Hello, admin, I am Abigail, an established woman in Mombasa town. I’m tired of relationships since I’ve been in a lot of them and none of them offer satisfaction for me. I no longer desire a committed relationship with anyone. All I need is something uncommitted to unwind and enjoy life without the entanglements of long-term commitments. You are eligible if you’re serious and willing to do what it takes to satisfy an elderly woman like me. I need a mature individual by my side who can make me wildly orgasm in bed. We can have unrestricted romantic fun in which we please each other to the fullest.

I have a lot of money which I am willing to share with a man who will make me feel wonderful and appreciated for who I am. 

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10 Things Not to Say to a Sugar mummy

It’s tough being an almost 30-something, single woman out there and I’m sure it’s tough being a friend/co-worker/relation to an almost 30-something, single woman. Just to help you out here are the top 10 things not to say to us.

  1. So, what’s new? Anything new and exciting in your life? I know this is code for “Are you dating anyone?” Just don’t ask. If I meet someone I can guarantee you I’ll be talking about him because I’ll be so excited and because it doesn’t happen very often.
  2. I recently went to a fun, charity dinner event for firefighters to raise money for a burn treatment centre. It’s such a great cause and of course that’s why I signed up… or for the possibility of meeting my future husband. And I know everyone else is thinking the same thing. So when the event is over and you ask me how it went and I say I had a great time and I’m definitely going again next year – this means that I had a great time and I’m definitely going again next year and no, I didn’t meet my future husband so don’t ask any more dumb questions.
  3. Don’t mention kids. I’m lucky enough that I’m not really sure if I want kids so I’m not in a hurry to find a guy just for the sake of procreating. I had a co-worker of mine (who is a really great person) mention something to me about her sister, who has been dating a guy for over a year and that she had better get moving because she’s not getting any younger… her sister was 32. Hello??? I’m almost 30 – did you forget that? Don’t pass judgment on us prime, single women because we’re not having babies at 25. Then she proceeds to tell me she’s so happy she had kids when she was young so she can keep up with them and be a young mom. Helloo again??? Sometimes we don’t have a choice in the matter. I don’t want to be 40 if I decide to have kids but maybe that will be the age when I have the opportunity to have them.
  4. You’ll find “the one” when you’re not looking. I’M ALWAYS LOOKING! I really hate that line.
  5. Be happy with what you do have. This is true. I have my own place, a job, a car – I really am thankful. BUT I WANT MORE! There’s nothing like that feeling of being in love.
  6. When you find the right person you’ll know. What do you mean I’ll know? Does a siren go off? Does someone come to me in a dream telling me that he’s the one? Do I get a letter in the mail saying I met my soul-mate? Throw me a bone people!
  7. Stay busy and have a life of your own. I’m almost 30. I don’t go to the bar, I rarely go to pubs and I hang out with my married friends… yeah, I’m real busy.
  8. If it’s meant to be it’ll happen. That’s a load of squash if I ever heard a load of squash. Some people don’t get married or meet their “soul-mate.” How come some people are lucky enough to find true love and some aren’t?
  9. Put yourself out there. I have really done this. I consider myself a quieter person but I really do believe in taking chances and taking a risk especially because it makes my dull life more exciting. For example, I gave gym guy my number. Still waiting on that phone call. Part of the reason I did this is because I would love for someone to do that to me and I wanted to find out if he was interested. If not, I would know and then I could move on to my next poor, helpless victim.
  10. You don’t need a man to complete you. Really? I betcha a single, feminist came up with this. There is a feeling you get from being with a man you’re attracted to that you just don’t get when you’re hanging with your girlfriends. It’s irreplaceable and I don’t want to go through life without it. I think it has to do with chemistry or hormones… really, it’s beyond our control and in our chemical make-up.

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Dating Single rich sugar mummies – Advantages For rich sugar mummies

Even though it was very contentious in the past, young toyboys have been dating wealthy, unmarried sugar mommas for a while now. Numerous young toyboys are currently dating wealthy sugar mommies, and the practice is getting more and more accepted in society. Rich single sugar mommas are no longer viewed as perverts. Furthermore, interactions between older women and men are no longer generally associated with the term “sugar mummy.” more akin to sponsors. While there are still instances where sugar mommies are involved, money is no longer the primary motivator for a pair to be together. Regardless of age, people are not completely in control of who they will fall in love with or when. Love is an unforeseen emotion that can strike anyone, even those with vast age differences.

Relationships succeed when two individuals are devoted to and in love with one another, just like in other types of partnerships. Despite their disparate ages and upbringings, if they are devoted to each other, they will figure things out. Some people might believe that dating young toyboys has benefits limited to sex. This isn’t always the case, though. Beyond sex, there are many benefits that both parties might enjoy.

The following are a few of the most popular benefits for young toyboys who are dating single, wealthy sugar mommas:

1. Every woman wants to have an attractive man in her life; this is something that doesn’t change with age. In addition to this, rich sugar mummies feel younger when they are with young toyboys. This is because young toyboys are more energetic, spontaneous, and less serious. These qualities are all hard to find in older men.
2. Despite what others might say, rich sugar mummies can still hold their own when it comes to sex. The same cannot always be said with older men though. Older men seem to lose interest in sex faster than rich sugar mummies do. This one of the reasons why rich sugar mummies are seeking young toyboys. Rich sugar mummies find their sex life to be more adventurous with younger men compared to their sex life with older wazees.
3. Some older men are no longer capable of siring a child. Rich sugar mummies wanting to have a child would have no other option but to go with young toyboys as they are still in their childbearing years. This usually happens to rich sugar mummies who are still looking to settle down and have a family.
4. Lastly, single rich sugar mummies date young toyboys for the boost of ego. The ego is very important for every modern and successful woman. They sometimes refer to it as “Diva Pride” and having a young attractive man as a partner will boost it. Because of this, rich sugar mummies will always want to have young and attractive women beside them. They also have the “bragging rights” when she has a young attractive partner by her side when her friends or ex-husband see her.

As you can see, there are many things that an older woman can gain if he dates a young man aside from sex. Sometimes it is the feeling of youth that most single-rich sugar mummies are after and not sex.

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Disadvantages of older women Looking To Date toyboys

These days, it’s normal to see toyboys dating sugar mommas. The same cannot be true of the past when dating someone who is either older or younger than you was frowned upon and deemed completely inappropriate. These days, being a sugar mommy to a younger man isn’t as contentious. Unbelievably, some relationships—regardless of age—just work out. Good and functional relationships are independent of age and should continue to be so. When it comes to dating, some people have certain preferences about age, but when it comes down to it, age doesn’t matter that much in terms of a relationship succeeding. The relationship and compatibility of both parties are crucial. Even when two people are the same age, relationships can nevertheless fail miserably. This demonstrates that compatibility and age are unrelated.

Go on dates with toyboys

Sometimes, though, it becomes too detrimental to a certain party. If the pair feels they can no longer bear these drawbacks, they may decide to end their relationship in such situations. Toyboys who date older women have certain drawbacks, but what about the older women who date toyboys? To respond to your query, I’ve listed some of the most typical drawbacks experienced by senior citizens who date toyboys:

1. In most cases, toyboys only date older women because of the money, asses, power, and financial security that they can offer. When at some point the older women who date younger men lose these things, the toyboys will desert them. This is true in cases wherein there is no physical or psychological attraction between both parties and the only thing that keeps them together is money. Of course, this won’t always be the case but this disadvantage is still worth mentioning. If you think you are in this situation, you might want to reconsider your relationship with your younger partner.
2. Obviously, older women no longer have the same energy level as when they were younger so they might not be able to keep up with the younger man’s activities. In some cases, toyboys might lose interest in them and start looking for younger women just because of this. Toyboys want excitement and adventure and older women can still give them these despite their difference in energy levels.
3. Even though toyboys have more energy than older women, they might be lacking in sexual experience. To put it simply, older women know how to please men more than toyboys do women. As these things come with experience, older women have the advantage.
4. Lastly, older women who date toyboys will fail to meet a mature, wise, secure, and appreciative older man. We can’t deny the fact that older women would suit an older man better as a mate compared to toyboys. In addition to this, both parties will go through the aging process together and there will be no fear of being left alone or dying early.

I don’t have anything against older women who date toyboys. I’m just citing the disadvantages of doing so. If you think you will be able to handle these then I am certainly not going to stop you as there are lots of relationships like these that worked out pretty well.

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Speed Dating: Know the New Concept of meeting sugar mummies in Nairobi

Speed dating events are a great approach to making new friends and locating the ideal sugar mommy. That can be difficult, though, because of the time constraints. Here are three great ways to make an impression on cougars when you go on a speed-dating excursion.

Ensure that you look well:

The duration of a speed dating session might range from three to ten minutes. As a result, you won’t have much time to win your lover over. In addition, a lot of other people will be competing for attention with you, so you need to make sure that you stand out from the throng. Being extremely well-groomed and dressing in the best attire suitable for the location are the greatest ways to make sure of this.

Beautiful, seductive, elegant, but revealing dresses are what women should be wearing. You can dress completely for dinner or just wear a great, fashionable shirt and jeans. Before attending the event, you can ask a buddy what they think of your appearance.

Pose thought-provoking queries:

Posing intriguing questions to a woman you admire is a terrific way to strike up a conversation with her right away. You may, for instance, ask your spouse to close her eyes and try to visualize a geometric shape—a square, a circle, or a triangle, for example. Selecting a triangle indicates an aspirational mindset, selecting a square indicates a domestic persona, and selecting a round indicates a deeply compassionate person.

You could call the personality test your friend asked you the other day an enjoyable one. Apply it only to those people you truly like at first glimpse, not to everyone else.

Be mindful of your body language:

When speed dating, it’s crucial to project a nice vibe with your body language. Avoid slouching in your chair as this conveys a negligent demeanour. Avoid having your hands crossed in front of you as this conveys negativity. Don’t fidget with paper napkins or tap the table; instead, keep your hands on the table. It indicates that you are tense, impatient, or both. Additionally, avoid leaning in as this is a less valuable demonstration.

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Dating Personals: How to Find a Sugar Mummy Using Them

Dating personals, which can be great ways to locate a sugar mommy in Kenya, are paid or free personal advertising put by an individual on newspapers, magazines, or the Internet in an effort to find a compatible match. Here are some pointers for using dating personals to locate a sugar mommy.

Locate a reliable service.

Find a reputable personal dating service first. It could be a dating website or the personal ads section of a well-known magazine. There are plenty of excellent free online dating services available if you are unwilling to pay for the service. You will have to set up a profile on a dating website with your likes, dislikes, future ambitions, and other details. To decide which service to choose, you can speak with a close friend of yours.

Make a tasteful profile.

The secret to drawing in the correct kind of ladies is the advertisement you plan to run or the profile you create. Consequently, give it a good deal of time. Your profile or advertisement should briefly describe who you are as a person and what kind of person you believe would make a good match. It’s also important for you to be certain about the kind of connection you want.

Take action.

Posting ads or profiles on dating personals is not enough to guarantee that you will receive a tonne of messages from women who share your interests and are open to going out with you. You must interact with others and be proactive. If you are using advertisements from newspapers or magazines to help you date, make sure you read through the full dating personal section to see if any of the ads represent your attitude or at least one that is compatible with it.

If so, you ought to try reaching out to the woman. Regarding internet dating personals, the same is true. You have to check other people’s profiles on the dating website every day in an attempt to find someone to hook up. It will be quite difficult for you to find a sugar mama unless you are actively looking for one.

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