What Are the Laws of Human Attraction?

You’ve likely heard of the Law of Attraction. According to this pseudoscientific law, your thoughts manifest in your life. The universe will send you what you desire if you think positively about it. Similar to how negative thoughts draw similar negative experiences.

Does human attraction fall under the same kind of law as well? Regarding this, there are two schools of thinking. From a scientific perspective, it does appear quite possible that there are biological “laws” guiding human attraction to one another. Pheromones are substances that have a long history in the animal realm, particularly in insects. Other individuals of the same species react in some way to these substances. Insects employ different pheromones to notify their fellows of a good food source, a new colony, or which trail to follow. Some pheromones are used to warn of alarm or danger. Studies on sex pheromones are especially extensive.

Despite the lack of particular pheromones discovered in humans, the “chemical attraction” notion is strongly supported by anecdotal data. It has been demonstrated that when exposed to extracts of male underarms, women’s menstrual cycles alter. Previous research has indicated that individuals can be inadvertently selecting non-related partners based on olfactory signals.

What about physical appeal and personality? Don’t they matter in partnerships between people? Physical appearance is typically the primary draw for someone who is attracted to someone of the other sex. However, a relationship needs more than just physical attraction to last, unless both parties are primarily interested in one another for sexual purposes.

Human attraction shifts to focus primarily on personality to maintain a healthy and vibrant relationship. Determining if a person is attractive enough to be in a long-term relationship with requires getting to know them over time, learning about their aspirations, and observing how they respond to various aspects of daily life.

The first thing that draws a potential partner in after physical attractiveness is their personality. Since it is possible for someone to conceal their genuine personality, or at least some parts of it, for a while, perception is especially significant. This is the main reason why relationships end badly: when someone’s actual nature becomes apparent, the other partner could feel deceived or disappointed if it differs from what was first assumed. We must avoid becoming “blinded” by the excitement of a new relationship and failing to see subtle cues that could suggest our ideal mate isn’t who we initially believed them to be.

As a species, we are overwhelmingly drawn to those who continuously uphold our moral principles. The proverb “opposites attract” is somewhat true, but in general, we find ourselves drawn to others who exhibit qualities in their personalities that we find appealing, regardless of whether we have similar qualities.

Much like people, the Laws of Human Attraction are intricate and multifaceted. This age-old question is influenced by chemical, biological, physical, and emotional elements, among others.

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