Catherine Kankunda, a 34-year-old single business lady in Nairobi Wants Love and Company.

Hi there, I’m Kate, or Catherine Kankunda as most people call me. I’m a Nairobi-based 34-year-old single businesswoman. I frequent the US a great deal of the time, but I reside in Kenya permanently. I’m staying at my house in Nairobi city.

 I’m looking for a good gentleman for love, laughter, and company. I have virtually everything I desire, therefore I’m not here for financial gain. What I need is the special love and companionship a guy can provide to a woman. I don’t care if he is penniless since I don’t care much about his financial status.

I’m prepared to make a difference in his life as long as he keeps me happy. HIV test is a must before we hook up. 

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Mitchell Caroline a White Sugar Mummy in Nairobi Wants to Date a Hot Toyboy

Hi, my name is Mitchell Caroline. I’m thirty-two years old. I own a firm and deal in authentic technological devices, which I import from Great Britain, China, and Japan. I have other related business endeavors, such as my own hardware company that operates in Nairobi. I am thus financially secure. I’m searching for a man between the ages of 20 and 38 for company, sexual pleasure, and love. He needs to be prepared to come and see me frequently in my Nairobi house during the weekends or in my spare time. I’m prepared to give him financial support, help him launch a self-sufficient business, and help him advance in life if he is sincere. Tests for STDs and HIV will be conducted for my peace of mind and his.

Meet awesome people to date from all over the world. Text hook up to +254717176613. Telegram